The Pieces

The Lineup

Images of each piece, with inscriptions below each image:

On Mankind and Power, Cityscape, Downtown Minneapolis.

“An architect should live as little in cities as a painter. Send hit to our hills, and let him understand what nature understands by a buttress, and what by a dome” – J. Ruskin.

Vantage: 44o56’59” N 98o18’20″W

Washburn Park Water Tower.

Build in 1931, this Harry Jones masterpiece dominates the Tangletown neighborhood. A gorgeous representation of Art-Deco, eight “Guardians of Health” protect the water supply, aided by giant egales (cast based on an 8′ wingspanned eagle that attacked Jones).

44o54’38.76″ N 93o17’2.45″ W

Cowles Conservatory, Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

Situated in the largest urban sculpture garden in the United States, the Cowles Observatory serves as a welcome reprieve to/from the city, especially during the winter months.

44o55’10” N 93o17’23” W

Hennepin Ave Bridge, Officially Father Louis Hennepin Bridge.

Completed in 1990. The fourth bridge at this location, believed to be the first permanent span across the Mississippi.

44o59’07” N 93o15’50” W

Lake Calhoun, Lake Street Bridge.

Minneapolis’s largest lake, with an area of 401 acres. It’s depth maxes out at 87 feet, and the lake can be toured via dry land by a 3.7 mile pedestrian path.

44o56’59″N 93o13’20” W

Pillsbury A Mill, The Largest & Most Advanced Mill in 1881.

Never ran at full capacity, this 40-year holder of “Largest Flour Mill” (In the World) never met the explosive fate of Washburn A Mill.

44o59’2.18″ N 93o15’9.59″ W

Minneapolis Skyline Segment, Know Your Sky (line).

From Left to Right:

1. 33 South Sixth / Cityscape, 1982, 668′

2. IDS Center, 1973, 792′

3. AT&T Tower, 1991, 464′

4. Wells Fargo Center, 1989, 775′

5. Hotel Ivy, 2006, 301′

6. Minneapolis Convention Center, 1991

Vantage: 44o57’24” N 93o16’16” W

Bridge To Boom Island Park, Repurposed Railway Bridge.

This 22 acre park is named for the booms that were used to separate logs en route to the St. Anthony Falls sawmills.

44o59’25” N 93o15’56” W

The Foshay Tower, Now the “W Minneapolis – The Foshay”.

Completed in 1929, 447′ high, 607′ with antenna. Remained the tallest structure in Minneapolis until the erection of the IDS Center in 1972.

44o58’18” N 93o16’17.75″ W

I-35W St. Anthony Falls Bridge, ID # NBI 27410.

Opened in 2008, this bridge replaces the I-35W River Bridge. It carries an estimated 141,000 vehicles per day.

44o58’44” N 93o14’42” W


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